Here are some responses to the passion, excellence, and imagination of New Jersey Choral Society performances....

It is such a generous gift that you give all of us, the incredible music you share with so much passion.  Karen Bagdon Thank you for such a wonderful performance.  It was uplifting, inspiring and I never wanted it to end!  Perfection!  Eileen DeMaio

The concert last night was wonderful.  It was food for my soul. The group is so professional... I was truly inspired...  Flo Lilley

Saturday’s concert was sublime... You all performed with
such passion.
 Jeri Westwood

These singers’ evident love of performing the great vocal literature
is a splendid example of amateurism at its finest, and we as
listeners are the beneficiaries of their abiding musical passions. Vincent DeLuise 


I highly commend all of you in NJCS for a truly thrilling pops concert — a terrific “crowd pleaser.”  Bob McWilliam

I have never heard a better choral group in my life!  
Howard Heller

A truly magnificent concert. The featured soloists and the orchestra were awesome. Linda Sweetman-Waters just perfect as usual... The music and sound was just divine. It was a pleasure to experience. Thank you all! Patti Niebojewski
[O Fortuna] was one of the musical highlights of [my life].
Gregory Fruman

Thank you to the very talented New Jersey Choral Society for an awesome performance!   Joan Abbiati

[Monterverdi's Vespers of 1610] was the best performance I've ever seen under Eric's tutelage. Bravo!   Erin Karp

You've brought me to new heights in my appreciation of music. 
Arlene Shaller

"Wow! Imagine - right here in New Jersey!"